Dolores Art Laboratory at Viti Palace

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From April 2012, the rooms of Palazzo Viti in Volterra will host the creations and activities of the DoloresArt Gallery. The Music and Exhibition Rooms will present works in the figurative arts as well as audio and visual performances such as lectures and promenade concerts.

DoloresArt, which is an Art Laboratory for modern and contemporary art, is housed in one of the most beautiful sites for private collections in Italy.

Samantha & Dolores

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Samantha and Lina Maria Dolores Cattaneo
In the Music Hall and Exhibition Hall of the Viti Palace take life exhibition projects of visual art, performance audio and visual promenade concerts, conferences.

The works of Samantha and Lina Maria Dolores Cattaneo will remain on permanent display in Volterra throughout 2012.

Opening March 31 at 6:00 pm.

Dolores Art Laboratory – Palazzo Viti
Via dei Sarti, 41 – Volterra (PI)
Orari: Tutti i giorni dalle 10,00 alle 18,00