It is so named because of the thirteen paintings representing battles by various 17th- and 18th-century artists (Rugendas, Bergognone, Graziani, etc.).

At the sides of the fireplace, two 19th-century Tuscan firewood cabinets. The large still lifes are by an 18th-century Piedmontese master. In the corner, on an 18th-century table, an extremely rare Buddhist monk made of red amber, the fossil resin of the cherry tree. By the window, an important 18th-century Lombard bureaux; on the wall, the portrait of a notable made in 17th-century.

The honour medals are the ones conferred to Giovanni Barbavara di Gravellona who was the first General Postmaster of the Italian Kingdom and the promoter the Universal Postal Union. A table with a showcase displaying a collection of ivories, alabaster medallions and hard oriental stones.